Профессиональная дым-машина Antari W-515D

• Интеллектуальный беспроводной пульт управления в комплекте

• Встроенное управление WDMX Wireless Solutions Sweden
• Вход PowerCON
• Прочный корпус
• Непрерывный выход

Code 60780


The W-Series Stage Foggers from Antari are designed to meet the rigorous demands of stage and touring ideal to be used for very large venues, outdoor events, movie production and many other applications. The precision lies with optoelectronic liquid sensor (OPTO). When sensing there’s insufficient liquid, the pump will stop working, and the production of fog will be ceased until it senses the re-filling of the liquid again. An LCD digital control module is equipped to the W-Series, allowing the users to set the volume control, timer control, and DMX functions to precision.

Antari’s W-Series transforms digital wireless control of stage effect machine navigation into a simple, natural control of the hand and fingers. This premium-performance series is specially upgraded for professional users who demand true –Plug-In and Play» operation for stage fog machines. All the unnecessary wires are eliminated leaving you a transmitting controller in your hand to send out the commands.
The innovative smart-intelligence lies with the learning-mode of the wireless function. The receiver can memorize up to 5 sets of frequencies and can receive signals from any registered transmitter. Besides the included wireless control it is also equipped with on board Wireless DMX from Wireless Solutions Sweden.
A square, durable housing design that gives the W series a refined look and eases transport. The design offers protection against stray water or spilled drinks. There are two professional versions: W-515 (1500W) and W-530 (3000W).


Питание: 230/240 В переменного тока, 50/60 Гц
Нагреватель: 1500 Вт
Выход: 20 000 фут3/мин
Время первого прогрева: 10 мин
Емкость резервуара: 6 л
Скорость потребления жидкости: 120 мл/мин
Управление: DMX, ручное, беспроводное дистанционное, WDMX
Параметры управления: Таймер, громкость
Разъемы DMX: XLR 3- и 5-контактный
Каналы DMX: 1
Пульт в комплекте: W-1
Частота пульта: 433,92/315 МГц
Батарея пульта: 12 В, тип 27A
Размеры: 561 х 278 х 186 мм (ДхШхВ)
Вес: 14,5 кг


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